✨ Getting Started

Last updated 5 months ago

Basics & Setting up

To get started a user on your discord server who has administrative permissions, will have to invite the bot into the server. You can do this by going to the link:


Once you have invited the bot into your discord server, you should receive a message, this means the bot has been correctly setup for your server.

The default prefix for the bot is "!", you can change it by typing !set prefix <prefix>.

Setting up roles

Welcome Roles
Muted Roles

Give a role when a user joins

You must make sure that your "Bots" role or the role you use to identify Ender Bot as, must have administrator permissions to give the role.

An example layout of roles in a discord server.
Bots Role, hence the admin permissions.

Welcome Role setup

To get started type into discord:


This should give a message like this:

Options for my bot testing server

Modify these options to your liking, for your discord server. If you want to set a welcome role, type:

!set welcomerole <mention role> OR !set welcomerole <role id>

If you want to mention the role this requires you to enable mentioning for that role. Example:

Mentions for that role is now enabled.

However, if you don't want to enable mentioning for your role, you can use the role ID. To get the ID of a role, type:


This should spit out text like:


Now just remove "<@&" and ">". You should be left with random numbers like this:


That is the role ID, then just type:

!set welcomerole 476749252228546572

Congratulations you have setup welcome roles.

Muted Roles

In order to mute someone who may be harassing someone in chat, a role named "Muted" must be a thing. If it does not exist, the user will not get muted.

Creating the role

To get started make the role named "Muted". Then you will need to disable the following permissions for that role if they are ticked:

Create Instant Invite
Change Nickname
Send Messages
Send TTS Messages
Embed Links
Attach Files
Read Message History
Mention Everyone
Use External Emojis
Add Reactions
Use Voice Activity

You should be left with a role with no permissions apart from Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels, or no items ticked.

Once the role has been created you are good to go, just type:

<p>mute <user> <seconds>