🔮 Introduction to Ender

Welcome to the Ender Documentation for the API and the Discord Bot.

Getting started

This is for the bot only. If you want to read the documentation for the API, head over to https://docs.ender.site/api

To get started you'll want to head over to the invite page, then select which server you want to add Ender into, and click hit that shiny authorize button.

👏 Next 👏 Step

Alright, now you're gunna setup the bot for your server. Make sure you have the following things ready before the setup!

  • A join/leave channel

  • A join role

Make sure you have all these setup & ready before continuing! If you mess up, you'll have to start the setup all over again.

Let's do this.

Type that into your server and Ender will start the setup.


My goodness that was easy.

First step of the setup.

Just follow the setup and answer some simple questions.

Boom, we're done here.

Alright chief, that's all done now. Enjoy using Ender in your server! 💪