🙋 Welcome Messages - Guide

Welcome messages sound pretty spoopy right? Don't worry, we gotchu.

👌 Easy, sick welcome message

All you need to get started is type...

!settings joinmsg

Your prefix might be different for the bot, to check the prefix; just check out that nickname Ender has.

🍖 Spooky Scary Skeletons

So, you can use many variables in your message. So say if your message was...

Welcome {{user}} to {{server}}

It would translate to...

Welcome Ender to Epic Server

Pretty cool right?

📰 Variable Cheatsheet

I'm just like the kid who deals out the answers in the math exam, but better.

{{user}} => Ender
{{discriminator}} => 0000 (the four digits after your name)
{{server}} => Epic Server
{{joined}} => Sat, 1 January 2019 23:59:59 GMT
{{id}} => 000000000000 (the discord id associated with your account)
{{membercount}} => 50

Pretty easy right, also you can see all these in...

!settings joinmsg

✨ Magic mirror on the wall...

Okay, that was pretty easy.